Update on Snowday Project

18 Oct

While progress has gone slowly on the website, there’s still some pretty cool updates. We’ve got an fantastic new logo thanks to the illustrious pixel artist, Erin Waugh. As for Snowday, there still is a somewhat buggy downloadable demo still online, but I’m still working on the flash version. The full version of Snowday will be ready at the start of December.

I’ll release some more news on the iPhone project very soon. It’s going to be a western themed retro 8-Bit RPG with a new twist in the battle system and will be available in the Apple App Store in a few months.

Thanks for tuning in and keep checking out PSG blog for some more updates!

– Mike


Starting Small — Thinking Big

19 Sep

Well this is the first post for the miniature party gaming website, Pixel Shark Games. I’m still working on a lot of aspects of the website and blog as you can see. Currently there is a demo up of one of my recent creations, Snowday. It’s a simple action defense style game. Check it out on the games tab of my website. Also there is a full version of Mighty the Space Hamster available in the Games section as well.

Thanks for coming by and stay tuned for more updates!

– Mike