SwordLy – A Truly Challenging Puzzle Adventure Game

7 Feb



I finally finished SwordLy. It’s my first paid iPhone/iPad as well as my first puzzle game that I’ve ever made. It’s a challenging one, but I’m pretty proud of it and I hope you guys get a chance to check it out.

Get SwordLy From the Apple iStore

Let me know what you guys think. I have a few promotional codes if you want them, feel free to message me! I’m working on a free version which is a bit shorter, but will be both free and playable online. Stay tuned kids!



One Response to “SwordLy – A Truly Challenging Puzzle Adventure Game”

  1. Tom Ferratt September 18, 2013 at 1:57 am #

    Love this game – HOOKED! But I’m sort of stuck in level 4, puzzle 5. There’s a board in the center that won’t let me place an arrow on it – 5th column from the right, 3rd row. Not sure if this is critical to success but I’m choosing to believe that it is the reason for my failure up to this point. 🙂
    Can you verify the issue with dropping an arrow on that space?

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